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One of the significant components in the impact of conservation is awareness and practical education. If too few people are aware of the great importance of marine life and coral reefs to our world and its lives, then not enough action will be taken. Suppose even fewer people have the practical knowledge on what actions they can take and how they can enact them. In that case, we will be missing out on a significant force in the fight for positive environmental change. 


Education is one of the critical components of Oceans Alive (OA) 's work. OA currently works with local schools and communities teaching this practical knowledge, but has also identified a gap at the higher level of education. At a higher level, there is a growing number of students studying Marine Sciences, Fisheries Management and Oceanography in Kenyan universities and OA recognizes the need for attachment opportunities in related organizations for internships, attachments, and employment in the field. Our Youth for Oceans Intern Program brings onboard future conservationists, marine scientists and other passionate youth professionals to our team to support their growth into the field, build their practical capacity and see more potential solution innovators join the fight. 

  • Coral Restoration Project

  • R.A.R.E Coral Initiative

  • Turtle Protection Program:

  • Support to Community Based Organizations

  • Kuruwitu Co-Management Area (K-CMA) Roll-out

  • OA Education Program

  • OA Permaculture Project

Our internship program
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