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Oceans Alive has created a cohesive approach to the sustainable management of marine resources driven by the communities that rely on them. We bring these communities and all relevant stakeholders together under a collaborative management approach.

We are an action-based organisation driven by a passion for our environment and inspired by the communities we work with.


In early 2022, the first Co-managed plan in Kenya (under the new guidelines), driven by Oceans Alive, was signed off after an extensive process placing an area of 150 sq km under controlled community-led management.


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             OUR MISSION

Together with coastal communities, we share sustainable solutions which create a ripple effect to improve livelihoods along the Kenyan coast


Over the years, we have listened, thought, experimented, learned, and developed this locally-led model. Our LMMA (‘Tengefu’ in Swahili) approach at Kuruwitu led to a 30% recovery in corals, a 17% restoration of seagrass, and a 400% increase in biomass just a few years after closure.


The Tengefu is our living classroom that beautifully illustrates how vital our work is in protecting the ocean. We aim to share and expand our support to communities along the coast and catalyse coastal conservation.


Through investing in a cohesive, inclusive process, we support communities to take ownership of their natural resources and find ways of working in harmony with the environment to bring long-term sustainability.


Oceans Alive was founded to show, grow and replicate 20 years of experience in ground-breaking community-based resource management. Building on our success at Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare CBO (KCW CBO), winner of the 2017 Equator Prize, Oceans Alive aims to scale the community-led marine resource management along the Kenyan coast and the Western Indian Ocean.


Oceans Alive Trust is founded on the value of partnerships. Thanks to the work in collaboration with organisations of different sectors, we are able to increase our impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate.

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Let's work together to conserve the biodiversity on the Kenyan Coast.

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