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Kilifi County Awareness Project
 Kilifi County Beach Management Unit

Sharing the lessons learned through networking is essential for sustainable development and conservation goals.

We recognise that both formal training and peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges are essential.


 We support the networking of the 17 BMUs in Kilifi-county for the long-term management of marine areas through capacity building, community well-being improvement, and user rights protection.

  We bring solution seekers and solutions together providers through our Kilifi-centric Pamoja Network. In doing so, we widen the network and catalyse the positive impacts of sustainability and conservation. 

  • Strengthen the capacities of BMUs to master their rights and responsibilities

  • Strengthen the skills to engage in the development of fair-trade sectors

  • Strengthen solidarity between BMUs to generate a shared vision of marine and coastal resources

  • Improving the health of marine and coastal ecosystems managed by BMU’s

  • Develop synergies to support income-generation

  • Create information-sharing platforms

Kilifi County Multi stakeholder forum
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