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BIOPAMA Co- Management Plan
BIOPAMA Kuruwitu community

In January 2022, Oceans Alive delivered the first Co-Management Plan in Kenya under the new guidelines.


The plan involved all relevant stakeholders and specified the management and sustainable use of fisheries and marine resources in a zoned 220 sq. km seascape. This includes protecting and conserving ecosystems such as corals and seagrass beds and promoting legal and environmentally friendly fishing gear to recover fish populations.


The plan highlights the priority issues of marine and coastal natural resources management, including land use, fisheries, forestry, biodiversity, environmental degradation, pollution and community welfare. It details a plan to address these issues within five years (2021-2025).


The plan aligns with other national programs, such as Kenya’s Vision 2030, to promote local communities' participation in resource management, conservation, and biodiversity protection.


The Kuruwitu Co-Management plan will be a template for all other Co-Management plans on the Kenya Coast. It is a significant step forward in the protection of the marine ecosystem protection in harmony with the needs of coastal communities.

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