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Adopt a turtle conservation program


Sea turtles are increasingly threatened with extinction around the world. From Hawksbills to Green Turtles, we have seen a drastic population decline in our seas.


It is vital to ensure that turtles keep coming back. Our Turtle Protection Program goal is to promote the protection of sea turtles by developing research, conservation and social-inclusion actions to decrease pressure on the turtles and increase the growth of their populations.


Our Turtle Protection Program works closely with Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare CBO and Bureni Turtle Watch, an enthusiastic group of community members who carry out beach patrols to ensure the safety of nesting turtles.


In collaboration with Bureni Turtle Watch, we have trained 12 fishermen who watch over 10 km of the beach at the Kuruwitu Co-Management area. The objective is to ensure that the turtles' nests are safe and, when hatched, as many turtle babies as possible reach the sea.

Endangered sea turtle species conservation
Turtle nesting site protection programs
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