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In 2021 the United Nations declared the Decade of Coral Restoration (2021-2030) and AMG with Oceans Alive are doing their bit to champion the way forward.

A new type of ‘Athletes Village’ is being built through the unique ‘Competing For Coral’ initiative. Every time one of its athletes delivers a world-class performance in their chosen sport, AMG adopts a coral nursery table to help restore damaged coral reefs in Kenya.

AMG is initially supporting 14 coral nursery tables and the planting of 3,360 coral juveniles all thanks to the efforts of its world-class athletes.

AMG’s founder Mark Middlemas said: “Athlete platforms are increasingly important at effecting positive change. Damage to coral reefs is a global ocean emergency and we are pleased to support the Oceans Alive Trust through this unique ‘Competing For Coral’ initiative.”

Oceans Alive works with local communities, government, businesses, financial institutions, the science community and environmental organisations to educate and encourage global awareness to support local action. .

Oceans Alive Founder and CEO Des Bowden said AMG’s support was “fantastically important and very much appreciated.” He added: “It is very encouraging to see these athletes committing not only to excellence in their field but positive environmental change as well.”




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