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Education is a critical component of our work. Seeing the impact of our projects first hand and getting involved shows students of all ages how they can get involved and make a real difference.

We have a dedicated Education Centre at Kuruwitu where we offer accommodation in a coastal setting and a range of options for important conservation programs.

We aim to inspire new generations of conservationists from our nearby communities and worldwide. Our programs currently reach: - 

·      Local school children

·      Community members

·      Corporate team building and retreats

·      International gap year students

·      Interns

·      Undergraduate and post graduate students

·      Special interest conservation groups (Impact Film maker           course hosted at our Education Centre

We are honoured to be the first specialist Marine Hub for the African Leadership University and regularly host students from ALU for 10-week inset programs.

We hope to foster a sense of hope for the future of our environment through seeing what is possible and the impact of our work.


‘During my 10 weeks at Oceans Alive, I worked with a passionate group of people working to empower the community around them. It has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. I worked hands-on with nature, came to appreciate new cultures, and learn from the journeys of some amazing people I met and worked with. I am eager to take all I learned about marine conservation back to Puerto Rico and create a program as impactful as Oceans Alive’. Tatiana, Puerto Rico, intern

‘I hadn't fully appreciated the importance of marine conservation until I came to Oceans Alive, Kuruwitu. Through the work with the community, I have seen how they depend on the sea for their livelihoods. This was a game-changer for my thinking and has opened my eyes to the importance of conservation - not just as an idea but for the impact on real people. As a result, I am now developing ways to use technology to support conservation in Africa’.

Grace, Togo, undergraduate intern, African Leadership University

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