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Braeburn School Sponsors Coral Restoration

Braeburn Garden Estate School recently sponsored a coral restoration initiative with Oceans Alive at Kuruwitu Community Conservation Area.

The Braeburn Coral Village adds seven artificial reef structures to the other sponsored coral restoration at Kuruwitu. It is a fantastic way of supporting coral restoration efforts in Kenya and raising awareness within their student body.

The Braeburn Coral Village is a nail artificial reef technique where coral fragments are directly out-planted onto the nails, where they grow and thrive. The coral fragments will become a significant part of the new reef, providing nurseries for juvenile fish, supporting biodiversity, and improving traditional fisheries.

Oceans Alive has other reef restoration structures supported by Athletes Media Group, Ocean Eyes, Academic Families, two memorial reefs for the late Ros Holmes, Platcorp, and Coral Reef Care.

Talk to us about sponsoring your own part of our pioneering restoration project, or creating a unique and lasting environmentally positive gift for your organization, friends or family. email:

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