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Kilifi County BMUs Pave the Way for Sustainable Oceans: Drafting By-laws and Promoting Awareness

Oceans Alive is excited to share that Kilifi County Beach Management Unit (BMU) is taking an important step towards sustainable oceans! They're currently conducting sensitization and awareness activities at Ngomeni BMU to seek approval for their draft legal by-laws that were developed in conformity with the KCBMU Network Constitution 2022 and Fisheries Management and Development Act 2016.

This is a crucial step for member BMUs' participation in the development of key operational policies at the BMU level to improve institutional capacity and fisheries management. With the support of Oceans Alive, the Kilifi County BMU Network is conducting this activity throughout the 17 BMUs in Kilifi County, thanks to the financial support by EU International Partnerships and #PressAcp through #BIOPAMA small term grant.

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